The Vertical Machining Center XF6300 designed by Hyundai WIA with years of expertise and the latest technology, is made to meet the intense performance requirements of the mold industry.

  • Increases strength with all-in-one bed & column structure
  • Machines High-precision parts with x-axis box-in-box structure
  • Built-in DDM table
  • Standard 34-tool ring-type ATC (C-C time: 4.5 sec.)
  • 19″ LCD monitor

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  • Basic Features

    High-Precision & Speed 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center


    Rapid Feed Rate (X/Y/Z axis)

    50/50/50[60/60/60] m/min
    (1,969/1,969/1,969 [2,362/2,362/2,362] ipm)

    (A/C axis)

    70/110 (DDM) [25/50 (GEAR)] rpm

    Travel (X/Y/Z/A/C axis)

    650/600/500 mm (25.6″/23.6″/19.7″)/150°/360°

    Spindle Speed
    15,000 r/min
    Spindle Output
    31/2 kW (41.6/33.5 HP)
    Spindle Torque (Max./Cont.)
    153/123 N.m (112.8/90.7lbf.ft)

    1Column / Bed All-in-One structure

    XF6300 is designed with unified column-bed structure. When compared to separate structure, it has better structural stability. It demonstrates excellent performance in high quality machining with high rigidity and excellent vibration absorption.

    (Monoblock Structure)


    2Symmetric Structure of Z-axis

    Vibration and thermal displacement during travel can be minimized by symmetric structure of Z-axis where travel axis is aligned with the weight center of spindle.


    34-Way Structure on X Axis

    X-axis of XF6300 has box-type saddle design with 4-way structure in a cross beam to realize improved strength and minimized thermal displacement.


    Box-in-Box Structure (X/Z Axis)

    The pusher(head body) in the saddle of X-axis, which surrounds the spindle cartridge, is desinged with box-in-box type. This thermal equilibrium structure helps minimize thermal deformation.

  • High-Precision Spindle

    Long Lasting High Accuracy & Excellent Performance Vertical Machining Center


    4Built-In Spindle

    The spindle is desinged with built-in structure. This helps reduce vibration and heat and shows fast acc/deceleration for high precision machining.


    Spindle Cooling

    Spindle temperature is controlled by the use of a spindle oil chiller. This ensures constant spindle temperature and minimizes thermal deformation.

    HSK Tool Holder

    HSK tool holder is applied for precise positioning with less expansion on spindle taper during high speed rotation. This ensures excellent level of precision for mold machining.


    Through Spindle Coolant

    Through Spindle Coolant is exceedingly useful when drilling deep holes. It helps increase the lifetime of the tool, while decreasing cycle time.


  • Magazine & Table

    Long Lasting High Accuracy & Excellent Performance Vertical Machining Center


    5Direct Drive Motor (DDM) Tilting Rotary Table


    XF6300 applies DDM Tilting Rotary Table, The direct drive method provides superb productivity and high quality.
    (Option : Gear Type)

    Table size Ø630 (Ø24.8″)
    Max. Load Capacity 300 (DDM) [600 (GEAR)] kg
    [600kg (GEAR)(1,323lb (GEAR))]

    Magazine & ATC

    Tool change time (chip-to-chip) of 4.5 seconds is best in its class. Tool change mechanism has improved by applying the ring-type ATC. 1-step magazine of 34 tools is provided as standard. 2-step magazine of 68 tools and 3-step magazine of 102 tools can be selected as an option.

    No. of Tools 34 [68, 102] EA
    Max. Tool Dia. Ø90 (Ø3.5″)
    Max. Tool Length 300 mm (11.8″)
    Tool Change Time (C-C) 4.5 sec