• Diverse spindle structure (direct-connection: 8K, 12K; built-in: 15K, 20K)
  • Increases strength through structural analysis
  • Expands machining domain with y-axis 560mm design
  • Shortens not-cutting time with rapid feeds (40/40/36m/min.)
  • Mould packages for optimum mould manufacturing (20K built-in)

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  • Basic Features

    High Speed & Productivity Vertical Machining Center


    1Optimal Structural Analysis

    KF5600 is designed to have optimal structure through Hyundai WIA’s unique structural analysis.

    Also, column has become more rigid even weight is lighter than the previous model.

    KF5600 Rigidity comparison


    High-Speed Machining Center

    Linear roller guideways are applied to reduce non-cutting time and bring high rigidity. Each axis is directly connected to a highly reliable digital servo motor to provide high rigidity and minimal thermal displacement.

    Rapid Traverse Rate (X/Y/Z axis)
    40/40/36 m/min (1,575/1,575/1,4176 ipm)
    [15K Built-in :48/48/48 m/min (1,890/1,890/1,890 ipm)]



    Expanded Y-axis Design

    The travel on Y-axis provides enhanced processing with 560mm(22″)


    2Roller Type LM Guide

    Rating load is increased by 130% than Ball type LM guide


    Nut Cooling Ball Screw OPTION

    Nut cooling ball screws on all axes(KF5600) decrease thermal displacement which enhance precision of machining ability.


    Compared to competitive machines, the KF5600 has a large work envelop making setup and use easily and providing convenienceto operator.


    Table Size (X×Y) 1,250/560 mm (49.2″×22″)
    Maximum Load Capacity 1,000 kg (2,204.6lb)

    4Magazine & ATC

    The tool magazine holds 30 tools as standard and 40 tools as an option. Due to the wider selection of tools and the random tool selection method, tool change time has improved.

    Servo ATC

    Position control of the Twin Arm ATC using Servo Motors has improved drastically. Also improvement of tool changing speed enables reduction of non-cutting time.

    Tool Change Time (C-C) : 3.2 sec


  • High-Precision Spindle

    Long Lasting High Accuracy & Excellent Performance Vertical Machining Center


    Built-In Spindle


    By using ultra precision class of angular ball bearings, fast acc/deceleration of the main spindle is achieved. The spindle head is designed to minimize heat displacement therefore reducing heat generation and making it possible to maintain high accuracy.

    Speed r/min r/min 15,000 20,000
    Output kW(HP) 22/18.5
    Torque N.m N.m (lbf.ft) 167

    Direct Spindle


    Direct coupling of the motor and the spindle reduces deceleration time, and provides easy maintenance.

    Speed r/min r/min 8,000 8,000 12,000
    Output kW(HP) 15/11
    Torque N.m N.m(lbf.ft) 95.5

    Dual Contact Spindle

    The Big Plus spindle system (BBT40) provides dual contact between the spindle face and the flange face of the tool holder. This greatly increases tool rigidity, reduces run out and adds significant productivity to machining applications.

    The increase in standard diameter improves rigidity and ATC interactive precision, and Z-axis displacement is prevented which further extends tool life.


    Through Spindle Coolant OPTION

    Through Spindle Coolant is exceedingly useful when drilling deep holes. It helps increase the lifetime of the tool, while decreasing cycle time.


  • Mold Package

    Powerful Mold Package, HYUNDAI-WIA Mold All in One


    HWM ALL-IN-ONE (20K Spindle)

    To enhance mold machining, the “HWM ALLIN-ONE” is provided as a standard feature for KF6500. This ensures accurate and high quality surface finishing and contouring.

    Heat Distortion Compensation Device

    Thermal displacement of the spindle is minimized by the use of cooling techniques. This provides high accuracy when machining at high speed.


    Mold Package Specification

    HWM ALL IN ONE 1 Package(FANUC) 2 Package(FANUC) 3 Package(FANUC) 4 Package(FANUC)
    AICCⅡ Package 200 block
    600 block
    1,000 block
    S/W : HW-MCS, HW-AFC
    Auto Power Off
    Sp. Heat Distortion Compensation
    Device (8 Channels)
    Cutting Air Blow
    Auto Tool Measuring Device
    Data Server 1GB