• The multi-tasking ML-15 is equipped with turning and tilting axes, which enable turning and milling processes through one-time chucking. The original turning A, turning B, milling A, milling B, even the multi-angle of 5 face machining can also be integrated into 2 processes by the ML-15.
  • It maximizes per unit production capacity.
  • More accurate material preparation can be achieved with less material preparation on one machine.
  • It improves the production yield rate and reduces processing failure lost which would save money.
  • It reduces handling time between machines which would save some time.
  • Ergonomic swiveling operation panel for easy operation. Wide front door for easy loading/unloading. Side door for more convenient tool center point calibration.
  • Arm type ATC magazine features high speed tool change with random tool selection. The moving mass ratio of machine allows maximum tools magazine as an option and without affecting its high-speed machining performance.
  • Hydraulic clamping chuck is available in 5“/6” with air blast and air seal detection.