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Hyundai WIA Smart System

Hyundai WIA provides part program generation software, machine monitoring system, and file transfer software to improve efficiency and ease of operation. Hyundai WIA always considers from the customer’s point of view.

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Real-time Machine Monitoring System
(HW-MMS, Hyundai WIA – Machine Monitoring System)

HW-DPRO Part program generation software allows user to create a program for complex machining shapes through a simple interactive operation.

Main functions

  • User interface similar to machine tool control
  • Tool path generation utilizing practical machining “know-how” data
  • Automatic cutting condition recommendation and user cutting condition database support
  • Tool path and collision detection estimated machining time and 3D simulation
  • Supports part programs generated for FANUC / SIEMENS Controls
  • Supports turning center and machining center(*individual product)

Real-time Machine Monitoring System
(HW-MMS, Hyundai WIA – Machine Monitoring System)

HW-MMS Real-time machine monitoring system allows user to check and manage machine status using a PC, Mobile device, or table.

Main functions

  • Real time machine status monitoring
  • Statistics on machine’s operation and status history
  • Management of machine

File Management Software
(HW-eDNC, Hyundai WIA – Ethernet Direct Numerical Control)

HW-eDNC software allows user to manage part programs and NC data through a connection between PC and CNC (Ethernet, RS-232C).

Main functions

  • Part program management through Ethernet or Serial(RS-232C) communication
  • Display and management of part program in CNC memory
  • Supports scheduling of DNC machining
  • Tool path simulation for machining centers