Intelligent Control

They will make dream to reality with Hyundai WIA’s HYUNDAI-iTROL, machine tool that can be conveniently used by anybody. Now you can experience new user-experience exclusively for Hyundai WIA through HYUNDAI-iTROL.

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1. Machine Status Overview

It is guided up to machine warming up. It shows current status of the machine briefly and notifies problems of machine to operator.

  • Verification of operating system status including all utilities
  • Real time status updates
  • It provides guidance for machine operation

2. QUICK & EASY Machining Support

The three essential operations for machining are program verification, tool measurement and work coordinate setup. HYUNDAI-iTROL provides three operations in consecutive order to prevent error and to enable quick and easy setup.

  • Part program verification
  • Tool measurement
  • Work coordinate setup

3. Tool & Spindle Monitoring

Tool and spindle monitoring is simple to operate with many benefits. This helps with tool management, spindle protection and factory automation.

  • Convenient Tool Monitoring for tool wear, number of cycles, and more.
  • Spindle Overload Monitoring for tool failure, sudden impact, and more.

4. Displaying Present Machine Condition and Maintenance

HYUNDAI-iTROL saves data collected during machining and displays it on the screen for the operator to analyze productivity and better manage operation. Also, various screens for maintenance are provided for convenience.

  • Operation Status
  • Maintenance
  • Manual Viewer

5. Energy Saving Function(ECO) & Software for Smart Operating

Not only you can save energy, but also reduce consumables and waste.(ECO)
With SMART function, cycle time can be decreased and active feed control can reduce machining time.


6. Remote IT Solution

HYUNDAI-iTROL provides machine monitoring and alarm notification by email and other options within in house network.