CNC Software

Hyundai WIA Smart System

Hyundai WIA provides optimized CNC software such as tool monitoring, thermal displacement compensation, and more. This software provides improved machining precision, productivity and ease of operation.

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1. Intelligent machine

The Smart System maintains stability of main spindle and minimizes thermal displacement by warming up the main spindle. The Smart System also minimizes machining error by compensating thermal displacement due to heat generated during machining and external environmental change.

2. High Productivity Achieved

Through tool length/diameter measurement and work piece coordinate measurement functionalities, it facilitates easy and fast setting. If a tool is equipped with a RFID chip, the Smart System reads the tool information and sends it to control automatically, preventing input error of operator.

3. High Precision High Accuracy Function

The Smart System provides tool monitoring evaluates tool status and machining condition to automatically select optimal machining parameters and adaptive control function to improve tool life by maintaining a consistent spindle load during operation.

4. Energy Saving Function

The Smart System reduces consumption of power while the machine is not in operation.

5. User Convenience Function

The Smart System improves ease of operation by providing productivity management/enhancement, tool and task information, plus maintenance and operation guidance.