GriStar Multi Evolution


  • GriStar Multi Evolution is an automatic grinding machine with 4 axis. It is possible to grind 4 types of cutting tools; drill, end mill, tap and reamer.
  • The operation will be easy with graphic setting screen and spring collet will be used for installation.
  • There is function to correct eccentricity. It automatically measures issues during installation. Thus, the structure does not make the differences when the materials are completed.
  • The setting of tools will be conducted by a person who will be using. This makes it possible to create original forms depending on the operation.
  • Each tool can be saved up to 5000 data.
  • It is possible to manage the data separating with folders depending on the usage. Thus, it makes efficient to bring back the saved data.
  • As using one chuck method for installation of tools, it is unnecessary to use the specific tools. Also it is easy and fast to complete the installation.
  • In order to update the version of software, it can be performed by importing the data from USB.
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