• Precision gear-type clutch. Indexing accuracy ±3 seconds, repeatability 1 second.
  • 3,500rpm spindle with horizontal head provides high cutting efficiency.
  • The precision gear-type clutch of 280mm large external diameter features high rigidity. Such design provides stable angular position and deformation-free operation for heavy cutting task.
  • The internal rotation face of the horizontal head is coated with PTFE material. Such design requires less rotation torque and extends sliding face lifetime.
  • The horizontal head is equipped with large-sized clamping jaws. Larger contact faces feature well-dispensed stress and high parts stability.
  • Obvious grease inlet can also be used as oil window for maintenance.
  • Built-in oil and cutting coolant circuits enhance connection efficiency and features neat design in appearance.
  • The horizontal spindle head incorporates tool clamping mechanism as one-piece structure, which saves space and time.
  • A level surface at the exterior of the horizontal head is parallel to the spindle. This is a handy design for calibrations and accuracy inspection.